blogs/wikis/favelets. spent the day hacking on some database code i wrote last week… also, had a little idea that it would be very cool if we combined blogging with automated and manual wikis, we could have a full interwoved tree of blogs, and if we added favelets to that, we could use the whole concept as an extremely powerful knowledge management tool. i will post more on this idea tomorrow.

Blogger is broken?

blogger is broken. keep getting strange error messages when trying to publish. myBlog (my own blogging tool) will be finished soon I hope.


Had some ideas about internal blogging, and how we can expect it all to work. very simply users would log into an interface similar to blogger, and their blog would be piped across the network as XML, which can then be parsed by whatever we use for a front end. my idea was that we define a number of set templates at first and not allow people their own HTML. each blog would have an RSS feed.

Kellogs replied

Kelloggs replied. Last week, I posted the following question on Kelloggs Customer Care website.
“I was just wondering if you could tell me why there is no such product as Normal K? Or is that just Cornflakes? Also what happened to Start? And Lucky Charms? Or Was that Nestle? Didn`t you make something called Banana Bubbles too? They were really nice…”
Well, in the spirit of good customer service, they replied!
“Dear Mr Lee
Thank you for your e-mail. I can confirm Kellogg’s Multi-Grain Start is still being produced but it is one of our smaller products and accordingly it is not stocked in every store and it is down to the discretion of the individual store as to whether they order it in.
Lucky Charms were not a Kellogg product. Banana Bubbles are no longer produced by Kellogg’s in the UK.
kind regards
Bethan Parry
Kellogg Consumer Services,
PO Box 356, Warrington, WA4 6XY”


blogBuddy. testing blogBuddy as an alternative to using blogger.com – let’s see if this works. it seems like some of the blogger tools that i use at home… it didn’t manage to publish, but the posting worked.

Blog, blog, blog

It’s monday morning, i’ve spent virtually the entire weekend reading my o’reilly blogging book, playing with blogger, playing my blogging engine, installing my blogging engine for someone else, helping Ellie fix her template, shouting at php… oh and playing the sims a little too much..
RSS feeds are just fantastic, i should have adopted them years ago. at home i use slashdock and at work i use freereader. both very nice, i haven’t really seen what freereader does yet, but it spins around in the systray, which looks nice, if nothing else.

Not working in IE?

Apologies to some of you. i realised this page doesn’t quite look right in a non-compliant browser (grr) – if you’re using IE, accept my sympathy, offer you the chance to run while you can and i will try and see if i can make it work for the lesser browsers over the weekend.

Ellie and I broke up

If i’m entirely honest, it had been coming for a while, i just don’t think i’m quite cut out for being on my own again. tomorrow is a new day, and it’s a day I face alone for the first time in 18 months.

Maurice Gibb Dies

As we all get older, we’re going to see so many more people that we grew up with die… sadly, we’re going to live in a world where the recycled, manufactured popstars are going to be remembered as the ‘talent’
As soon as Elvis died we should have taken the Partridge Family Bus and shot every single one of these stars.