I call it “Linux” BECAUSE of articles like this and the childish whining by RMS himself. Don’t get me wrong, in my religion, RMS is God and Linus is Jesus; I know who we all owe for helping us get out from under the feces covered thumb of Bill Gates. But when I listen to RMS and read articles like this, it really turns me off. It always comes across like childish whining and if someone that didn’t know anything about GNU or Linux were to listen to RMS talk about this subject, they’d swear he was jealous of Linus for doing something that the FSF couldn’t get right… the kernel. It doesn’t help his (our) cause very much and I’ve talked to many people who agree.
And let’s not forget something… without the Linux kernel, there’d only be a handful of geeks aware of the FSF and GNU Project. Because of the Linux kernel and evil companies like Red Hat, there are millions.
It works both ways. Stop whining about it and maybe more people like me would start calling it “GNU/Linux”.