Back again

So, Exploring Freedom is back again for 2009. Rob and I are still working hard on the book, but we want to make it extraordinary, so keeping up the activity on this blog has been hard. Most of the articles for the first volume of the book is now in the stage of being finally edited and I hope the book will be out in the next few months, but we’re doing this in our spare time.
So, what’s new? Well, since we last wrote, Apple have dropped DRM, we both got hardware Ogg players and Matt’s been playing with the OpenMoko a fair bit.
The blog itself has moved, once again, to WordPress, continuing the Movable Type vs WordPress debate further. There are some annoying bugs in the Debian package of MT, and I’ve had some real problems upgrading it from tarballs for one of the FooCorp customers. This, coupled with Six Apart changing things again and MT feels a little neglected. That said, I am keeping a copy of the blog (in private) in MT, and we may continue to use it again someday.