I have an Ogg player… I want some more though

I have an Ogg Player now. Finally. The one I plumped for is the Samsung U3 — a 2gb unit about the size of a packet of gum. My wife and I both got one in fact — $40 a pop from Fry’s electronics. (No, not that Fry)
It works reasonably well with GNU/Linux — uses a silly MTP protocol instead of regular USB Mass Storage (UMS) — basically turning it into a regular USB drive. Apparently there is a way to flash it with some older firmware that switches it over to UMS, but you need a Windows XP machine to actually do the flashing…
Rob and David have recently purchased Sansa Fuse players, though Rob’s purchase was largely spurred on by getting the same Samsung as him… They look good, but they’re a little pricey and the wrong form factor for me. I really want something like a stick of gum. I don’t want to look at it, though real buttons instead of the U3’s touch sensitive things would be nice. That said, the U3 does have a funky OLED display, and holds an lot of charge. It even has a radio, but I’ve found there’s not much to listen to on the radio that isn’t dreadful, or better listened to as a podcast.

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  1. Another portable audio player that supports OGG/FLAC that I can really recommend (although it probably doesn’t fit your “stick of gum” size requirement) is the Trekstor Vibez.
    Info over here: http://www.trekstor.de/en/products/detail_mp3.php?pid=66&page=1
    Comes in different storage capacities from 8 to 32gb, supports MTP as well as UMS out of the box and hence runs happily under GNU/Linux.


  2. I didn’t get a Fuze because I was trying to avoid being seen with the same Ogg player as you. 😉
    I got it because it was reasonable value (if you don’t like the Fuze, the Clip is about half the price), because it is expandable (thanks for the tip about micro SD cards), and because it will be able to run Free Software (Rockbox).
    Go on, get one, they’re cool…


  3. *And* they’re just mass storage devices, not MTP. MTP always crashes Amarok on my laptop…


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