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Day One, June 20th 2011

A change of pace.
I’ve decided I need to change a few things, both in order to help me
live better but also to fell well rested and able to do more
things. Especially in the last year I’ve found myself struggling with
my diet and my work-output.
* Firstly, I’m going to reduce my computer usage: spend more time away
from my computer, both at work and at home, working on things
offline. This also extends to things like instant messenger,
microblogging, email and such. In fact, I’ll be getting a lot worse at
email than I am now.
* Secondly, time has come to really eat better. So, effective
immediately — fried foods no more than once a week, eat salads every
day, eat fruit plentifully.
* Third, sleep. I’ve gotten better at this, the last few weeks I’ve been
getting to work ahead of time, and working better. I’ve enjoyed this
and I’ll be trying to keep this up.
* Four, writing. By keeping this blog up, I’ll keep on my game with my
writing. I have a goal to get something published in the six months,
and maybe Rob and I can finish up our book manuscript and have two or
three things to publish.
* Five, do less. Taking on less projects, and trying to complete the
things I have already.
* Six, relax. Every weekend is painting and eating well and sleeping.
So I have a few things I want to do in the next year: work on my
models, write, eat better. I’ll continue to reduce the late nights and
sleep better, and I’ll get better at doing the things I want to do by
maximizing my time.