Matt Vs Proprietary Formats

Well, the no-Word-documents-thing was going really really well, but apparently change is too much for some people, so we’re going back to having Word outputted RTF documents (complete with their 5Mb filesizes) and embedded images.
So, I lost that battle… also, the CMS I wasn’t allowed to do is now being done by the external company, and they wanted to have a look at some of our GPL’d code for the forum, probably to pinch something from it, so a little glimmer of hope that I can point that out at some point… not that it’d matter, in fact I’m starting to notice that people take less and less notice of me…
Realised that for some reason, new directories have no permissions to do ANYTHING useful on the webserver, the webserver I still don’t have any access to…

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Posted by Matt Lee

Artist, writer, director and recovering free software user.

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