Kellogs replied

Kelloggs replied. Last week, I posted the following question on Kelloggs Customer Care website.
“I was just wondering if you could tell me why there is no such product as Normal K? Or is that just Cornflakes? Also what happened to Start? And Lucky Charms? Or Was that Nestle? Didn`t you make something called Banana Bubbles too? They were really nice…”
Well, in the spirit of good customer service, they replied!
“Dear Mr Lee
Thank you for your e-mail. I can confirm Kellogg’s Multi-Grain Start is still being produced but it is one of our smaller products and accordingly it is not stocked in every store and it is down to the discretion of the individual store as to whether they order it in.
Lucky Charms were not a Kellogg product. Banana Bubbles are no longer produced by Kellogg’s in the UK.
kind regards
Bethan Parry
Kellogg Consumer Services,
PO Box 356, Warrington, WA4 6XY”

2 thoughts on “Kellogs replied

  1. Nina

    I cannot seem to be able to find your Friut & Fibre Bars anymore, Tesco ,Morrisons, Somerield and local Spa used to sell them and now arn’t stocking them anymore, can you throw any light on the subject ’cause we really miss them.

  2. Alan from Australia

    I went to the UK for a trip when i was about 5 when i was little and got to taste banana bubbles..
    please bring them bak and if you do please make it worldwide..
    if u disagree that u wont make it anymore i got a bunch loada a people that would disagree with you

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