Welcome to 2006!

It’s going to be an exciting new year. The news, though it’s not live on the site yet, is that CNUK is going to take on another task. We’re going to do free software and free culture now. This is not much of a surprise – we’ve built the whole operation on free software. Plone, our content management system and Debian GNU/Linux, our operating system. We’re going to be pushing some great aspects of free software, not just for culture, but also in a more general sense.
Free software is an important aspect of a free culture. Software is as important to the social change as culture – afterall, you can’t be free if you can’t read a free book freely!
I’ve been busy lately, learning Ruby on Rails (I’m still learning) and future projects might well use it. If I can figure out FTP or HTTP uploading with Rails, RemixAnywhere will be a great application for starters. And of course, public subversion and everything GPL licensed.
Local groups are another important aspect, and we’ll be putting some considerable effort into this area, too.
It should be fun.