…so, this is my first post from GNU/Linux. I’m using an app called ‘Blog Entry Poster’ – it comes with GNOME. Today, I backed up all my stuff to my external hard disk, formatted my hard disk and installed Ubuntu – Dapper Drake (oh, how I dislike the silly naming of Ubuntu releases) which is the bleeding edge version.

Things are pretty good. I have sound (via my Griffin iMic) and graphics in X Windows that are almost perfect – all this from my first day on a beta OS release! At the rate packages are being upgraded for Dapper, I am certain these will be fixed soon.

Some observations so far:-

Burning a CD. This is a lot easier in GNOME than in anything else I’ve used. Pop the CD in, it comes up asking you what kind of CD you want to burn, if any.. I burnt a data CD, quickly and easily and it just worked. First time.