Dog Challenge

Help prove the legitimacy of a line from my sitcom pilot. “All films, set on the land, on Earth, not in space, or in the air or sea, have a dog in them.” – this is the widely held belief of my friend, Mark Stephenson. I disagree, but every film I suggest, he disagrees (in the script, at least.)
Anyway, help us solve this eternal problem, using the comments below.
Also, if you’re a girl from Exeter or maybe Leeds and you were in Leeds Bradford Airport in December (21st, I think) last year, and you spoke to me and I disappeared when you failed to incorrectly reposition a copy of ‘The Spectator’ in the newsagent shelves, I apologise but I am using you as a sitcom character.
By leaving a film below, you transfer all rights to use your suggestion in a sitcom. Thanks. We will acknowledge you in the credits though, because, we’re lovely.
(Update: I’ve also added in a bit about a character who gets hit because it is claimed he looks like Roy Orbison. He doesn’t, but this is to be cleared up in the script.)

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