Dog Challenge

Help prove the legitimacy of a line from my sitcom pilot. “All films, set on the land, on Earth, not in space, or in the air or sea, have a dog in them.” – this is the widely held belief of my friend, Mark Stephenson. I disagree, but every film I suggest, he disagrees (in the script, at least.)
Anyway, help us solve this eternal problem, using the comments below.
Also, if you’re a girl from Exeter or maybe Leeds and you were in Leeds Bradford Airport in December (21st, I think) last year, and you spoke to me and I disappeared when you failed to incorrectly reposition a copy of ‘The Spectator’ in the newsagent shelves, I apologise but I am using you as a sitcom character.
By leaving a film below, you transfer all rights to use your suggestion in a sitcom. Thanks. We will acknowledge you in the credits though, because, we’re lovely.
(Update: I’ve also added in a bit about a character who gets hit because it is claimed he looks like Roy Orbison. He doesn’t, but this is to be cleared up in the script.)

By Matt Lee

Artist, writer, director and recovering free software user.

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