just cause i’m autistic

today , i got to thinking,
about how bored i am and stuff,
and how life’s been so dull of late,
i’m feeling pretty rough.
so time, i think, to fix myself,
quit feeling sad and blue,
find myself some new best friends,
cause you’re bored of me and you.
i know my problem’s not just me,
of that i’m pretty sure,
yet tell me why i hate myself,
or why i feel so poor?
my mother tells me not to fret,
when all i can is worry,
“i’m such a mess”, i say to her,
she just thinks i’m being funny.
I wish i were a better man,
or at least just understood,
cause i’m just smart and lonely,
and it doesn’t do me good.
how can i tell, my old best friends,
or dear sweet mother,
i’m always going to be like this,
there’s nothing to discover.
i’m failure in my head,
a worrying statistic,
and all because i sleep alone at night,
and just cause i’m autistic.

found on the internet. I really liked it.