Why I Hate Sports

I hate sports, and here’s why – they bring out the part of most people that is best left hidden away. Competitive sports, as opposed to friendly, non aggressive sports like the ones played by nuns are the main problem as I see it. Put a bunch of loud, drunk people in a place full of similar folk, add a healthy dose of xenophobia, some jingoism and some good old fashioned violent behaviour and you’ve got the kind of people we could all do without. Football appears to be the worst for breeding these people, and that’s not to say that all football fans are in anyway mentally deficient, because I know that to untrue, but it does turn most seemingly well balanced, sensible, highly likable people into something I can’t comprehend. I’m told ‘people put football before their friends’ or ‘people put football before their weddings’ and I think ‘Yeah, stupid people.’ but even that seems harsh. It does something to them though. It makes them dislikable and makes them seem like the very people we’d normally mock.

That’s why I hate sports – they turn the people I love and care about into the very people I despise most.

Oh yes, and I realise I made a sport, but it’s purposely anti this kind of crap.

2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Sports

  1. JunBug

    Well said. I feel the same way. I know my friends are normal. Yet… I cannot reconcile these normally nice people with the boorish behavior common to sports fans everywhere. I personally can’t stand watching any kind of sport for even 5 minutes. Playing is another story. I’ll play anything as long as the other guys are friendly. If just one if them starts with the YOU MISSED THE BALL shit, I’ll quit. That’s the thing about sports: they attract bullies and loudmouths so invariably the game will turn out bad. In my opinion, it’s best to avoid sports altogether!

  2. Greg

    What I hate about sports the most is the way sports fans keep yammering on and on and on and on and on about something that is more boring than watching grass grow! Keep that sports talk away from me, morons!

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