Second Lives

Just been watching Second Lives on Channel 4. By accident actually. I’m still up, preparing copies of my film, Girl Untitled for my website. Sadly, made before I properly understood the importance of free culture and so the film uses a non-free track.

Imagine a world where you can choose what you look like when you are born, where you can change sex on a whim, where you can soar through the skies at will.Imagine being able to see inside someone else’s dream ”“ and earning $200,000 a year while you do it.This is the metaverse, a place where class, gender and geography are meaningless. But who are the men and women who inhabit this brave new world? And are they the new prophets leading us all towards a virtual utopia ”“ or just dreamers playing Matrix games.

Rob and I made some attempt to call Creative Commons and Professor Lessig on their continued promotion of both Second Life and proprietary software in general. One of the main points is that Larry is on the FSF board – I don’t think it is appropriate for a member of the FSF board to promote proprietary software.