MOO is a new kind of printing business.
There are now more than a billion people online, and most of us use the internet to engage in some kind of social activity. In doing so we help generate over 4 petabytes of unique virtual content a month
We have virtual communication like email, instant message or video. We belong to virtual communities like social networks, image sharing or interest groups. And in these communities we have created virtual identities like homepages, avatars and blogs.
But sometimes life can be a little too virtual.
MOO dreams up new tools that help people turn their virtual content into beautiful print products.

Anyway, so I went there yesterday, and some browser detection code stopped me from actually doing anything (as I’m running Firefox betas) – and so I dropped them a little line, and I just got this in my mail.

Dear Matt,
Thank you for getting in touch with the MOO Print Team.
We appreciate you reporting this browser error. We are going to change the site so it no longer detects and rejects browsers ASAP.
Please feel free to contact us again if you have further questions.
Best Regards,
Brian Murphy
Service Agent – MOO Print Ltd.

How awesome is that? A company that actually responds to feedback, instead of simply replying to it. Lovely stuff.

One thought on “moo

  1. Vero

    I’m so sad that this isn’t the case anymore 🙁 I received an email back from Dan M (they don’t put surnames in their emails anymore, apparently…) after I’d a. flagged some character encoding gone wrong, and b. asked to get in touch w someone for specific reasons. I received a mechanical “thank you for your feedback”
    I’m a bit sad to see success = churning out meaningless emails now.

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