heise on-line – WOS 4: Free software representatives criticize Creative Commons licenses

With the choice of Creative Commons licenses Creative Commons users decide usually for the more restrictive variants. Free software representatives criticized OS 4 in Berlin Creative Common initiator Larry Lessig with the Wizard OF for the fact that thereby the original idea of a larger movement for free culture becomes counter cross-hatched. “If I the FreeCulture movement regard, am really anxious I,”? said FOSS Aktivist Benjamin Mako Hill of WITH Media lab. , Thus which “liberty”? actually my, is missing to Hill, a general definition of it. “Creative Commons did not bring a movement toward “works any longer not protected”?,”? to criticized Hill. Today less programmer would generally program free software than still in the 90s-years. The “municipality”? must inform itself therefore in principle over it where one wants.

English translation or Original German article.

By Matt Lee

Artist, writer, director and recovering free software user.

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