UK Government is Defective by Design

The government has rejected a call to ban the digital locks that limit what people can do with the software, music and movies they own.
Of course, nobody expected the Labour government to actually change this, did they? The Green Party on the other hand, said this about the recent Vista launch.

“So-called ‘digital rights management’ technology in Vista gives Microsoft the ability to lock you out of your computer. Technology should increase our opportunities to consume media, create our own and share it with others.”
“But Vista helps the corporate media take away our consumer rights. Silence in government betrays a shocking complacency in the face of this latest attack on our rights.”

Join the Green Party today if you feel that the present government have failed to represent you on this. You might also be keen to note that this is the same government who want to take away your civil liberties under the guise of combating terrorism. Also consider reading Sian Berry‘s blog on, including Microsoft – bad for consumers and the environment?.

Posted by Matt Lee

Artist, writer, director and recovering free software user.

2 Replies to “UK Government is Defective by Design”

  1. You missed the best quote:
    In its response, the government said these digital locks, known as Digital Rights Management, helped give users “unprecedented choice”.


  2. I read this on the BBC News : Technology Website a few hours ago. From what I have read there, and from other sources it sounds to me like the UK politicians does not understand what the case is about… Just like what is happening over in the US!


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