Do you understand Advogato? I’m having problems.
Currently, I am listed as something which doesn’t let me do much with the site.
You can be one of four levels in the site.

A Master is the principal author or hard-working co-author of an “important” free software project, i.e. one that many people depend on, or one that stands out in quality. A Master has command of the tools and is an excellent programmer. Generally, a Master works equivalent to full time (or more) on free software. Ideally, a Master writes clearly about the work and its broader context, and serves as a mentor to others in the free software community.


Journeyers are the people who make free software happen. A journeyer contributes significantly to an important free software project, or is the author of a useful or technically innovative project. A Journeyer is generally a competent programmer, but significant contributions of documentation, artwork, or other non-code goodies counts too. Ideally, a Journeyer works with others in the free software community to polish and refine the library of free software. While not necessarily the equivalent of full time, a Journeyer spends a significant amount of time on free software.


An apprentice is someone who has contributed in some way to a free software project, but is still striving to acquire the skills and standing in the community to make more significant contributions. Ideally, the Apprentice is in touch with either an individual mentor or a community that helps to gain these skills. An Apprentice spends a significant amount of time learning the craft of software development, whether by hands-on practice, academic study, or careful observation.


A user with no trust certification is referred to as an observer. This is the default trust level of a new user and the level to which you would certify someone to remove an existing trust certification. An observer does not have posting priviledges and other powers associated with trust users. They have read-only access to Advogato, with the exceptions of editing their own user profile and posting blog entries.

I think I should be at the Journeyer level. It also seems to me that unless I’ve heard of you enough to associate you directly with a project (ie. RMS for GNU, Linus or Alan for Linux, etc) that so should you.
I don’t contribute directly to a large project – I’m cutting code on some smaller ones that I hope will make it big, but I do spend all my time working on free software, and free software related stuff.
Anyway, I have certified some people, installed a WordPress plugin to cross post my blog to Advogato until I reach a high enough level of trust they’ll let me put up my blog entry on their website – I’m going to ignore the fact I’ve got write access to the whole of, arguably more important – and go to sleep.
If you know me, and think I’m worth rating – please do.
(If you don’t know me, I designed this (as well as being the guy in charge of keeping it up to date), write this, am working to make this happen, talk about this and this and am working to become one of these. Oh, and I totally get this.)

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  1. MJ Ray

    Tell you what – if your site works well enough on any browser to let this comment appear, I’ll go log into advogato and certify you.

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