PriceGoblin – initial thoughts

PriceGoblin is a price comparison website. Their slogan ‘Got Needs? Get Goblin’!’ is pretty neat – though, it wasn’t immediately clear what my needs were. I mean, I have many of which are unlikely to be solved by a price comparison website. Nonetheless, the interface is both consistent and clear, with large fonts used throughout. A few minor bugs, which I’m assured will be fixed soon prevented me from setting up an avatar for myself, though it is not immediately clear that I need one.
As for the range of products on offer, I’m sure they are still working on this, but I was able to find a wide range of things I might want to buy, from A Fish Called Wanda, to the Official Ubuntu Book.
Search left something to be desired, but I’m told this is being worked on as well.
All in all, this is an above-average resource, with excellent presentation. I’m told the BrowserGoblin will be the real power of the site, and I look forward to playing with that.
Disclaimer: The site is written by Noah Slater, a friend who came to the BBC protest, using Django.

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