Freedom Tour: Day Four – October 9th, 2007

Columbus Day!
For those of you who don’t know (ie. Me)

Columbus Day is a holiday celebrating the anniversary of the October 12, 1492 arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas.

Or, in other words… nobody really goes to work and everyone has a day off and most things are closed. I caught up with a lot of sleep, as after that stint in SFO I was feeling mostly beat. I spoke to Justin, one of the sysadmins at the FSF and agreed to meet up at 4pm in my hotel lobby.
Making the most of my day of American heritage, I left the hotel and walked over 100 metres the the 7/11 and got a Double Gulp of Mountain Dew, some Cheetos and a microwaved bean and ‘cheese’ burrito. Man, America rules.
Later, met up with Brett, Ward, Ward’s wife and baby, Justin, Josh and Justin from the FSF, and went for drinks across from my hotel. American bars are so much friendlier than most British places and table service is just so easier.
Dinner at Cambridge One in Harvard, which is pronounced Hahvahd. This involved taking the Red Line T from Park Street (Pahk Street) to Hahvahd. It’s very quick, reasonably clean and I didn’t see any crazy people. Met up with Mako, Daf and Asheesh, plus assorted other people who were hanging out from the GNOME summit. Later attempted with a few random people, plus Brett and Asheesh to locate Elizabeth, who never showed up. But I managed to eat again, which made up for it.
Got back to the hotel in time to grab a Big Gulp and head back to watch King of the Hill, and a lot of stupid commercials.
Running tally of Mountain Dew consumed: 4300ml.