Two Weeks With Django

But the final straw was with “static”? media which is what the Django folks call CSS, images, javascript, etc. The Django documentation makes no bones about this, they say it is not the role of the framework to deal with it, it should be served directly from Apache. While that makes sense from a performance standpoint, woe to the poor application developer trying to make some nice looking pages. Accessing static media within your templates requires a mixture of folder location, Django settings for media roots, and a complex regular expression url call that pattern matches the folder name to some sort of Django document root – well, I never was able to get an image displayed.

Ouch. I struggled with Django too, but lots of people love it.
Two Weeks With Django details John Taber’s frustrations.

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Posted by Matt Lee

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2 Replies to “Two Weeks With Django”

  1. Django is no good. It is very slow‼


  2. Daniel,
    How do you measure that? I mean, is it possible that Django’s built in web server is just not meant for production, much in the same way that Webrick works in the Rails world.


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