Quiet around here..

Sorry, it’s been a while since I posted last. So, what’s new?

  • I’ve left myExperiment – I wish them all the best for the future.
  • In leaving myExperiment, I’ve also resigned my position at the University of Manchester. My last day is the 30th of November.
  • I have a new job – Campaigns Manager at the Free Software Foundation – this won’t be a surprise to a lot of people, including some people who already think I work at the FSF.

You can support my work at the FSF by becoming an associate member today, or by donating money.

2 thoughts on “Quiet around here..

  1. Tim Dobson

    >My last day is the 30th of November.
    you posted this on the 10th of november…
    past tense? 😉
    Congratulations; this means you are getting paid for the job you were doing before…
    ok you probably weren’t doing the whole job but you seemed quite active
    what does “campaigns manager” involve?

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