Can somebody please enlighten me to this FlickrFan thing that Winer and Scoble are all over?
Tell me it’s more than just some proprietary screensaver that downloads some photos from Flickr?
Best quote so far…

“Anyway, what does Dave Winer’s new software do? It puts pictures up on my HDTV. “Huh, that’s the lamest thing I’ve ever heard,”? I can hear you saying. But didn’t you also say that about Twitter? About IM? About the PC itself back in 1977? Yeah, yeah, you did, own up to it.” – Scoble

Um, no I didn’t. IM has a really obvious use, as does the PC. In fact, I doubt anyone said this.
Twitter – I’m not so sure what the point of Twitter is, but people seem to be using it a lot. Good on them.
So, I have two questions:-

  1. Why is this so amazing?
  2. No, seriously. Why?

Flickr needs to provide me with a way to offer up an alternative image for people using this.

2 thoughts on “WTFlickrFan

  1. Rob Myers

    If it was an open platform for bringing feeds into phones, HDTV screens, projectors, photo frames, games consoles etc. using images as a trojan horse that would be teh revolution. But it’s not.

  2. Mike Shedlon

    Elisa ( has been able to do that for a while, whilst not being all evil and proprietary. It’s fun to watch random pictures of hamsters drift across the screen, but it’s hardly ground breaking.
    Disclaim: I wrote the original Elisa Flickr plugin :P.

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