After almost 8 years of being at, today that changes.
In all my toing and froing over [ and Litespeed](, I noticed that Matt Mullenweg (who I’ve never met, but occasionally spoken to, and still admire) has [moved from to](
So, here’s how it went down, yesterday.
> (14:24:42) mattl: matt mullenweg aka photomatt
> (14:24:46) mattl: bought
> (14:24:50) Rob Myers: 🙂
> (14:24:58) Rob Myers: is there a tl ?
> (14:25:16) mattl: haha, there is.
> (14:25:25) Rob Myers: so get
> (14:42:30) mattl: okay. done.
> (14:42:57) Rob Myers: kewl 🙂
> (14:43:23) Rob Myers: now see if you can get
So, I did. I’m now living at []( – maybe I this should be – what do people reckon?

By Matt Lee

Artist, writer, director and recovering free software user.

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