Goodbye WordPress… Hello Movable Type.

So, I’ve moved back to Movable Type, and back to self hosting.
I’m frustrated with WordPress, for a couple of reasons.
* The amount of security fixes WordPress has.
* The lack of being able to fully control my blog
* The decision of to move to a proprietary web server (Litespeed)
In the past, this blog was made with Movable Type, but I made a decision like many others to move to WordPress because it was the best free software blogging tool out there. Today, I’m switching my support from WordPress to Movable Type. Movable Type is now available under the GNU General Public License, which means it’s finally free software.
I’m still using WordPress for some sites, I hope to move those over to Movable Type as soon as I can. I also need to investigate Movable Type Debian packages.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye WordPress… Hello Movable Type.

  1. Philip

    I didn’t realise that had moved to Litespeed. Is this a well know factoid? I guess the WP team had their reasons for this, still, it doesn’t look too good 😐
    Also, couldn’t agree more about the annoyance of trying to keep up with WP security fixes. This is the main reason I decided to roll my own system.
    Good luck with MT!

  2. Gavin Baker

    You know that you can self-host WordPress, right? Just making sure.
    That doesn’t do anything about the frequent security releases. Given how annoying it is to upgrade (unless you’re using SVN, which is beyond mere mortals like me), that’s the biggest drawback to self-hosting WordPress.
    I keep hoping that some major Web platform, like WP or MT, will use the AGPL. Keep hoping, I guess.

  3. Scott Carpenter

    Oh, say it ain’t so, Matt! Mullenweg, that is. I don’t know anything about litespeed but will take your word on it, Matt. (Lee.) I’ve admired how Matt M. really seems to get free software, but this is quite disappointing.
    (For security on WordPress, this latest exploit with the editing of posts is alarming, but fortunately the 2.0.x line has been pretty quiet for a while, now. I’m in no hurry to upgrade.)

  4. Matt Lee

    @Philip – I don’t think it’s well known. It also seems like it’s been the case for a _long_ time, which annoys me.
    @Gavin – sure, I’m hosting my own WordPress sites for St Skeletor’s Day and also hosting Home Taping for Elizabeth.
    @Jon – Yeah, I mentioned it when I closed down my blog. I think I need to write a post about free software and free infrastructure.
    @Scott – Netcraft confirms it. Also, I’ve published a comment feed now, I’ll get it added to the sidebar.

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