Where everybody knows your name…

Just a note to say that from Tuesday 11th – Thursday 20th, I’ll be in Boston, staying at the uber-exclusive [Acetarium](http://www.acetarium.com/). I won’t be going to Cheers though, as it’s basically a tourist trap (and they wouldn’t let us sit down to drink last time).
I will also be completing my Moleskine Boston Traveller book. To quote the website:
>Boston hosts some of the best historical buildings and sites in the country, as well as many world-class universities. Take a walk on the Freedom Trail to experience sixteen historic sites that shaped American history. The Moleskine Boston, MA USA City Book combines a notebook and city-specific map features into a valuable travel tool.
I love how they qualify ‘Boston’ with ‘MA’, as if they’d make a book about [the other one](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston%2C_Lincolnshire).
You should also come to the [FSF Associate Members Meeting](http://www.fsf.org/associate/meetings/2008/).