Making virtual machines in Fedora

One thing I really like to do is to download older releases of free software, and run them in virtual machines, to see how things used to be, but also to see how far we’ve come.
Fedora makes this really easy, with its virtual machine manager. I only have qemu installed, but I get the feeling that Xen and other machines are also usable with this. It makes getting a new virtual machine up and running as simple as possible.
The only strange thing I’ve encountered so far, is SELinux complaining about the Debian netinstallation ISO I’m using, so for now I have set SELinux to run in permissive mode.
Virtual Machine Manager provides a GUI interface to qemu, making it really simple to get new virtual machines up and running, without knowing all the painful command line options.

One thought on “Making virtual machines in Fedora

  1. PvV

    I agree it’s easy to set something up but if you want to finetune it it’s a different story. At least for me as I could not find where the (per image) qemu startup settings are stored. If you have an idea please let me know.

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