Free culture in action

My band, furny, have released all the tracks from our two EPs as free downloads. They’ve been available elsewhere, including and for sale as CDs for a while.
We’re putting them all up on the web and encouraging people to download, listen and if they like.. donate.
I don’t expect many people will donate, but I do hope a lot of people will download them. We’re encouraging people to file share them, and even to make their own CDs and sell them, for profit, and not share that money with us.
Why? Because it’s all great publicity.
Want to make your own furny t-shirts and sell them? Great! Let us know.. we’ll link to you!
Want to make your own furny CDs and sell them in your record store, or online store? Fantastic.
Using furny music in your game, or movie? Awesome!
We’re even including a bundle of someone else’s artwork in each download — with 1999-2005 EP you get CC Ironies and with more mature escapades in hi-fi, you get Canto — both of these by Rob Myers, a friend of the band after he wrote a nice little write up on our licensing.
It also marks a change in direction for the band. I’ve never put my name publically to it before.

We’re making a new album right now, it’s going to be released when its ready, which we don’t expect will be any time soon. It’s called ‘RIP furny?’ because we’re not sure if it’ll be the last one, or not.
Oh, and all our albums are available in Ogg Vorbis or MP3? We’ll donate 50% of any donations we get to the Play Ogg project.

By Matt Lee

Artist, writer, director and recovering free software user.


  1. You’re using a lot of samples in this lot. Are you sure you’re actually allowed to release them under these terms? I’m thinking in particular the themes to ITN and Knight Rider.
    Enjoyable though. 😉

  2. Matt Lee says:

    tbh, the ITN bit is a very short snippet, and the Knight Rider is actually not a sample, but a performance of the theme tune.
    But yeah, maybe.

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