WordPress.com updates

I had a little chat with Matt Mullenweg from WordPress earlier about my previous post.
I’m glad to say that a few things got ironed out.
Firstly, Litespeed, the proprietary drop in replacement for Apache is gone, for the most part, and going everywhere else. They’re moving to nginx, which is something I’ve been meaning to play with for some time now, after Jason Hoffman from Joyent’s talk at the last RailsConf in Europe.
Secondly, and this is the kind of thing that makes me smile, the reason for the switch? Mullenweg wanted everything in the stack for WordPress to be free software.
Finally, with regards to my unhealthy love for static HTML on disk, he suggests wp-super-cache, which I’m going to try now.
In our next episode, I’m going to try and track down Anil Dash, and ask him some questions about Movable Type.

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