activist group to focus on freedom in network services

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA—Monday, July 14, 2008— A new activist group called has launched an online presence to focus on issues of software freedom in network services.

Building on its work with the GNU Affero General Public license, the FSF convened a meeting to discuss the impact of network services on free software and user freedom on March 16.

Today, attendees at that meeting launched, a new blog that aims to publish essays and articles exploring the impact of network services on user freedom. Additionally, the group published what it is calling the “Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network Services” where it lays out a summary of its thinking so far. While the group is working independently and the statement does not yet represent FSF policy, the FSF will continue to work closely with and within the group, with FSF members, and with the free software community to help inform and refine its strategy and continue to provide leadership in regards to software freedom and network services.

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