In which Matt returns to blogging

So, I realized I hadn’t really written anything here in nearly two years. Ouch.
What’s new? In quickfire:
– GNU FM and GNU social are still going.
– Rob, Liam and I formed our company legally finally. We’re [Foo Communications, LLC](
– Still in Boston, still at the FSF. Both still good.
– Mark, Vikki and I have committed to recording a new [furny]( album in 2012. Scary.
– I’m not play Warhammer much, I’m playing lots of [Kings of War]( and trying to get into some Blood Bowl.
– I have an inordinate amount of plastic dwarfs in my office. Close to a 1000 of them.
Rob and I have committed to various new blog posts at the [FCL blog](, the [Foo Projects blog](, and even [GNU FM has its own blog]( now.
I’m off to make something which will put all my blog posts in one place.