Day Four, June 23rd 2011

I think I nailed that YouTube article. We’ll see how it goes. Also I finished Angry Birds.
So today, Bob the Intern and I had a game of Kings of War, with me playing the Dwarfs and Bob taking the Undead. Bob’s played a couple of games before, but this time I totally ruined him:
* Bob rolled to go first, and moved all his forces up by 5 inches. Taking advantage of move and shoot with the skeletons, and scoring a couple of hits on my Ironclad Warriors. The Balefire Catapult failed, however.
* My Shieldbreakers moved on up at the double, while the Ironwatch and Ironclads slowly inched forward, shooting up the Skeletons as they went. The Organ Gun also successfully knocked a couple of hits on the Skeletons too.
* The Skeleton’s moved ever closer, shooting as they went and the Balefire Catapult managed to get a couple of hits off this time as well.
* I was soon able to charge my Shieldbreakers into the side of his unit of Revenants, and later had my units destroying his final units from the front, side and rear.

By Matt Lee

Artist, writer, director and recovering free software user.

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