Who’s Aurora, anyway?

Welcome to 2012.

In the last three weeks I’ve stopped using Chromium and gone back to Firefox, albeit via their Aurora channel.

Aurora is a way to get to play with some of the very latest things in Firefox, and is frequently updated. I’m using Aurora because I want to support a browser that’s free software, and because I also wanted to see some of the cool stuff being done by people at Mozilla.

It updates very frequently, and with minimal interruptions. One of the things I’m loving the most are ‘app tabs’ — small, constantly open tabs that somewhere along the lines made it into Firefox and I completely missed them.

Unfortunately, using Aurora is hard, due to the fact that between GNU/Linux, Trisquel (Ubuntu based) and GNOME have a dozen different places they set the default browser, most of which are hard to find. Until today I couldn’t open links from Pidgin in my browser of choice.