Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Saw this on Saturday, and while I certainly need to see it again, I would describe it as this generation’s UHF.

The movie opens with what would have been a Cinco commercial on Awesome Show — a special kind of chair for watching movies, complete with awkward footrests, painful injections and more. All of this is presented by Jeff Goldblum and voiced over by Bob Odenkirk.

After an small eye synchronization test, reminiscent of the bizarre test at the start of Action Max “games”, the movie starts: over-the-top credits, Johnny Depp (Donny Jepp) impersonator… and the movie begins. And then ends. We see Tim and Eric, now with all the things that money and success bring — stupid hair, fake tans and spiritual advisers.

The movie starts for real when T&E head to the S’wallow Valley Mall, as Dobis PR, to try and make money to repay their corporate masters for their disastrous Johnny Depp movie.

Running the mall is very much like running U-62 in UHF — an overarching theme complete with big time corporate bad guys, made up of little sketches and songs.