Mantic Elite and the quest for Space Dwarves

As mentioned previously, I have a Mantic Corporation army due in the next few weeks. This is the first of three packages from Mantic as part of their first ‘Elite’ subscription. In the next three months, I will receive:

  1. Corporation Army and General
  2. Project Pandora: Grim Cargo, the first space-themed dungeon crawler from Mantic
  3. Veer-myn Army and General

The Veer-myn are a new race to Sci-fi gaming — Space Rats, whereas the Corporation are fairly standard Humans with big guns, hell bent on trickery and deceit. Sounds like some corporations here on earth, perhaps.

It’s a lot of painting, but I hope to make the best of it using shading, washes and of course, The Army Painter base-colors that I rely on so heavily.