Coca-Cola Freestyle

Boloco, my favorite burrito place in Boston (wheat tortilla, brown rice, tofu — all standard) has replaced their old fountain soda machines with new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

Coca-Cola Freestyle machine

The machine works similar to machines that have been in my local 7/11 for a few years now — you pick a drink, and you can add one or more flavors to the base soda. So, if diet Coke with Orange is your thing — you can have it here.

The drink selections are pretty bland: all the usual Coke products, plus Dr Pepper. In some areas the machine has Mr Pibb instead of Dr Pepper.

I opted for Mello Yello Grape — a Mountain Dew-type drink, with grape flavoring. Its okay, but at the same time kind of sickly and sweet.

These machines are a nice idea, but I wish they’d offer something like Vitamin Water, or fruit juice as well.

On a more serious note: Killer Coke