Taco Tuesday and Fires

Vito’s Tavern is a new North End.  bar with an eclectic menu.

No Mac and Cheese and Lobster Ravioli here. Korean inspired tacos and Sloppy Giuseppes are on the menu here. And UFO, oh how I missed you!

Took a decent walk around the North End after dinner, hitting up the Connah Store, a bodega that makes fun of the Boston accent, complete with handwritten notice that cigarettes have gone up by 10¢ but you can always quit.

From here headed to the Golden Goose, a decent sized grocery store and connected a part of Boston up with another in my mind and then got sidetracked walking back to the subway trying to avoid rats from all the construction.

As I write this Boston is somewhat. on fire. A power generator blew up. in a parking garage and Fenway- bound favorite TCs Lounge (two. blocks over) also had a fire.  Unconnected coincidence it seems.

The MBTA and Boston fire department are working hard tonight to make sure everyone’s safe and getting home.

As I write this on the bus home, its freaky to see how dark everything looks when there’s no power.


That’s the Prudential center!