The move went well…

The site now moved to California. Thanks to Ward, Mike and Clint for their help, and for our patient users and all the developers who added support to their apps for and other GNU FM sites.

  • The site is now live — at — no more alpha, although that URL will continue to work forever. Cool URIs don’t change and all.
  • We’re using nginx + squid — a set up copied from — so I feel we’re in good hands.
  • We’re pretty snappy right now.

A few problems outstanding:

  • Nginx doesn’t handle URIs with + signs in them as spaces when doing rewrites — we need to figure that mess out.
  • The caching is a bit simplistic right now — we ought to have a way for multi-languages to exist and be cached.

A few broken links here and there, we’re fixing those. The site had been on the same (one) server in the UK since 2009, thanks to Bytemark. Now we’re on two (and soon three) servers in California thanks to Paul and Fransisco over at ISC. Special thanks to Brewster Kahle for getting us in there.