HOWTO: Make your own SC-Card

This post is made all the more hard by the presence of a typically-aloof pet cat who is surprisingly friendly for some reason.

To make your own SC-Card, you will need:

  • Digital copies of both of the Short Circuit movies
  • An SD-card that’ll hold them both
  • SD-card reader, if you don’t have one already
  • Optional: A Sharpie, or something to draw on the SD-card*

To get started, watch both of the Short Circuit movies in a single sitting, or if you’re like me: watch Short Circuit 2 a few times. This will get you in the mood for the rest of the project.

Step 1.

Attach the SD-card to your computer, and if needed, format the device.

Step 2.

Watch Short Circuit 2, one more time. Try and learn the songs. Ignore the Toronto landmarks.

Step 3.

Copy all of the Short Circuit movies to your SD-card.

Step 4.

Eject and remove the SD-card from your computer.

Step 5.

With your Sharpie or marker pen, modify the SD-card logo on your card to match the official SC-card logo:

You’re done. Pop this bad-boy in your wallet, and you’ll be able to produce and watch the Short Circuit movies anywhere.

* Not really optional.

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