Google Analytics

Started using Google Analytics to try and work out who comes to CNUK, and what they’re using. We’ve been lucky, traditionally, attracting a strong Macintosh and Firefox user base. I’ve added Explorer Destroyer code to this blog, as all the smart people I know are using Firefox anyway. Sorry if you’re reading my blog with IE, it’s nothing personal, but IE is pretty bad… I’m not confident that IE 7 will be any better, either. I think it’ll just be a different set of problems to fix, but none of the IE6 ‘hacks’ will work, so everyone who relies on hacks to get things to work, will be scrabbling to fix their pages.
Microsoft, please – consider setting up some servers so web developers without IE7 can at least get a heads up on what their site looks like, in the way BrowserCam does. Or you know, support the standards. Gecko’s not a bad engine, it has a nice license too, you could just use that?