Lispbox: for OS X

“The purpose of Lispbox (and Lisp in a Box) is to get you up and
running in a good Lisp environment as quickly as possible. When you
start Lispbox it launches the text editor Emacs with SLIME (the
Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs) already installed and starts
Common Lisp for you. Lisp in a Box is designed to not interfere with
your existing Emacs installation, if you have one. If you are already
an Emacs user, you may wish to install the no-Emacs version designed
to work with an existing Emacs installation.”
Playing with this, in an effort to feel like I’m doing more code. Allegro’s license scares me (“YOU MAY NOT MODIFY OR OTHERWISE PREPARE DERIVATIVE WORKS OF THE SOFTWARE.”) though, so it’s OpenMCL for me.