Bear Strength

Received this in my email, it refers to the text on the front of my website…

I am the fastest human being alive, and can definitely fight a bear, but I choose not to.

Anyway, post your comments below and I’ll forward the best ones back to the guy…

Hey there,
Why do you say you’re the fastest human being? What would be your mile time, 100 yd dash, and @ least 5 mi. time (if not marathon time). I’m interested.
And how do you say “I can DEFINATELY fight a bear”. How would you know that, without trying? To know if you were the fastest human is feasible; just time yourself and compare to known records (emphasis on “known”). But to say you know you can fight a bear is not as feasible. And worse to say “Definately” know.
A bear can weigh as half a ton; 1000 lbs. They can run higher than 30 mph. The top olympic atheletes run @ a rate of about 20 mph. Running @ 20 mph they weigh 150 lbs to 250 lbs and are still slower than a bear, and so to then add 500 lbs on thier backs to equal a bear’s power would make them even slower.
A car probably weighs at least 700-1000 lbs. If one were heading towards you at only 14 mph and you were to stand in front of it to stop it, do you feel that’s pratcial? I’m very interested in you so I hope to hear your response. You seem quite bold and very interesting. If it’s all true then I’d love to hear about it.
You can see my amazement by my own display of physcial comprehension for it all. Simple math. Also, a car traveling @ 15 mph is like some car driving at a school zone or some local street. I know if I were to try and stand in front of it to try to stop it, or Lou Ferrigno, or Mr. Universe, he wouldn’t be able to stop it. So how’s a 1000 lb bear traveling at over 30 mph gonna get stopped by Mr. universe, or you, or Lou Ferrigno, which is of course a greater situation than the car at the school zone.
It’s all pretty cool, so wanna hear about it. On another note, if you mean like a different kind of bear, like some old and tired bear, well then that’s no claim anymore. Or a small bear, like the one’s you see at a zoo. A shaggy opponent. Hey, ever watch “Legends of the Fall” ? Just thought of it, cuz Brad Pitt fights one at the end.
Don’t forget my 1st questions regarding your various speeds. Plus! Are you faster than Bruce Lee? If I were to video tape you swinging a punch would I be able to see it on tape? Master Bruce Lee could not be seen on tape, they slowed down the footage. Can you snatch a penny out of my hand faster than I could out of yours? Could you assemble a table faster than me? Fastest human being (as you claim) means fastest human being. Not fastest runner.
Bruce Lee was incredibly fast and if you told me he could beat two bears, heck I’d believe it. Essentially you are then saying you’re greater than Bruce Lee. Also Bruce Lee could curl a minimum of a 100 lbs in a single arm, yet he was so lean and thin and weighing 120 lbs -130lbs. That means to say he’s moving 85% of his own body weight with only one limb of that body.
Does that mean you can do the same? If so, then boy, kudos to you man. That’s amazing and exciting. Anyways, hope to hear from you Bear Champion.

4 thoughts on “Bear Strength

  1. Chris

    Speed can be measured by many things, not just snatching money, punching on video or simple DIY. What about speed of thought, or a quick punchline, answering a question or request.
    Fighting teddy bears or gummi bears would be a piece of cake.
    Matt didn’t specify anything, left it general for interpetation and you felt you had to send a huge reply to try and justify his statemtne and your existence it seems.
    And now i have wasted 10 minutes of my life answering back!!
    i conclude with “get over it”, “get a life” and “get a job or a woman” because i presume you need both.
    Thats how quick i am!

  2. Naomi

    Surely to be the fastest (hu)man alive (or is it merely fastest of all male humans?) you would have to average out as the fastest of every single process that time could be measured for, which would probably take more than a lifetime to measure, and therefore could not be measured.
    One thing is for certain though: Matt is certainly not “definately” the fastest man alive, as there is no such word spelt in that way. He could “definitely” be the fastest man in the world: that is what should be argued here.

  3. Paul

    “I just have one question for this guy: How long did it take you to write that?â€?–Shaun
    I can only have one answer for you; 4 minutes tops. I’m fast. Thoughts are like liquid spilling out onto the keyboard.
    “Speed can be measured by many things, not just snatching money,”–CHRIS
    You’re wrong fellah. Speed cannot be measured by many things, your words exactly. Speed can only be measured by ONE thing: Time. This is basic common sense. You need to recognize what you write. But there are many things whose SPEED can be measured. Snatching money, typing your poor witted response, eating a hamburger. Get the difference?
    “Matt didn’t specify anything, left it general for interpetation”–CHRIS
    You’re incorrect once again. Matt didn’t specify AGAINST body movement nor did he specify FOR body movement, but placed it in the context of body ability as it is comprimising the writing of taking on a bear and describing physical ability. By the context it is not left in general for interpretation. You make a lot of mistakes. Nice attempt to defend him though. Smart alecy people are sad little bitches. The common american.
    “Matt is certainly not “definatelyâ€? the fastest man alive, as there is no such word spelt in that way. He could “definitelyâ€? be the fastest man in the world: that is what should be argued here.”–NAOMI
    No, because now your altering the arguement into how to spell a word! That is not wut shud be argued here as I just spelled “would” and “what” incorrectly. An idea is comprehensible regardless of typo’s. You may say “water” another country does not say “water”, they say “Aqua”. Completely different spelling, HECK-completely different word altogether, SAME IDEA. And it is the understanding of the ideas being valid that is in arguement. Is matt definAtely the fastesst or nnott? Picking on spelling is a weak tangent to verify the arguement at hand.
    “ would have to average out as the fastest of every single process that time could be measured for, which would probably take more than a lifetime to measure, and therefore could not be measured”–NAOMI
    That logic is flawed. By that statement above, it takes life time to measure and this causes it to not be measureable. What is incorrect there is that if something takes a long time to measure it then cannot be measured. As anything can be measured regardless of time to then say it cannot be measured is incorrect. You may have meant one man or party could not measure it all before he or they died. But the state of measurement does not get cancelled out.
    The only thing that would be called unmeasureable, is something that is a quality and not a quantity. If there is no quantity then it cannot be meausured. But the speed of all people existing on Earth is a quantity and so is measurable and can be measured, regardless of our lack of ability to do so. If we do not have a measureing tape we cannot measure the wood’s length, but it still exist that it CAN be measured. If we do not have the time to measure the wood’s length we cannot measure it but it still exist’s that it can be measured.
    A quality however cannot be measured, you are either a man or a woman. It is either air or solid. Energy or matter. Body language or verbal language. These are state’s or quality’s and are not measurable. The quality of angry or the quality of happy.
    I’ve always loved that name, “Naomi”. It’s quite beautiful.
    “And now i have wasted 10 minutes of my life answering back!!”–CHRIS
    Wow, ten minutes. You ARE slow. How long does it take for you to put your pants on?
    “i conclude with “get over itâ€?, “get a lifeâ€? and “get a job or a womanâ€? because i presume you need both”–CHRIS
    You sure are an american. Typical attacks, sarcasm, etc. Always sensitive and spoiled. You can keep your attacks upon a persons character. Their useless to everyone. I hope you don’t do a lot of presuming, if your above presuming reflects your common presuming, as I have both you mention making your presumption neutered and incorrect.
    “And now i have wasted 10 minutes of my life answering back!!”-CHRIS
    “Thats how quick i am!”–and CHRIS
    This one took me a while to type. About 6 minutes. This was fun. 6 minutes of casual fun. Btw Bear Champion, by the responses of your audience, I’m starting to recognize your statement inciting these post’s was some kind of joke. Is that correct? And here I had my hopes genuinely high by a brave claim.

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