On this Day 9 Years Ago”¦

On this Day 9 Years Ago – Apple Completes Purchase of NeXT Computer

The year is 1985 and Steve Jobs is in trouble, after hiring Sculley as new CEO of Apple he began to enter a struggle over power in an attempt to regain control over his beloved Apple. In a move that was strange to Jobs he was banished to the distant office known as “Siberia”? and it didn’t take long before he left”¦
$7 million and seven employees later Steve Jobs had a new interest, NeXT Computer. They originally worked on PostScript like technologies, working closely with Adobe but they soon found direction. It didn’t take long before Apple targeted a lawsuit at NeXT and in January of 1986 it was agreed that NeXT would be restricted to the workstation market.

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By Matt Lee

Artist, writer, director and recovering free software user.