Rob Myers joins the free desktop revolution

Rob‘s finally got himself a completely free desktop going on.
His Lenovo N200 runs a free GNU/Linux operating system, and he’s replacing the proprietary wireless driver in the machine with an RT2500 chipset card.
Linux Emporium currently has a bunch of PCMCIA wireless cards with the RT2500 chipset for ten quid, so if you’re in the UK, this is a bit of a bargain.

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Posted by Matt Lee

Artist, writer, director and recovering free software user.

3 Replies to “Rob Myers joins the free desktop revolution”

  1. Outed!
    I’ve been running Debian on my aging G4 iBook for a while. With Apple switched to Intel and software like Inkscape and Gimp now mature enough to be usable for my art and design work there was no reason not to switch. Ubuntu installed without any problems and Just Worked, and I did some logo design work last night a couple of hours after installing.
    I’m very pleased so far and everyone who’s seen the setup likes it. This is my first non-Mac setup after 15 years of art computing…


  2. hmm, that sounds like an idea. my laptop is currently out of service but maybe i’ll g get one of these.


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