Today, I stopped Twittering.
Yesterday, I became aware, as many did, of a service called — the first thing I thought was “Wow, that’s the end of Twitter for me then”
The sad thing? I started hacking around on some ideas for my own Twitter clone last week, but I lack the commitment to really go through with it, which is great, because is free software — and not just any free software, but AGPL to boot.
I’m of course, and some people have already found and followed me.
Earlier, I made this — ‘introducing identica‘ — a guide to understanding what is, for people who maybe haven’t heard of it, or services like it.
It’s really really fun.

One thought on “introducing

  1. Evan Prodromou

    Mattl, I love the comic, and I’m glad that you got into Identica.
    I think a lot of people have been waiting for this kind of site and software, and I hope that we can channel that energy into making the current software better.

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