With humility…

One of the most important things I’ve realised in my own life in the last few years, though I was unaware of the term, is this concept of humility, and ability to deal with criticism better.

Die in a fire!

I am lucky to be in a fairly unique position where I am asked for my opinions on lots of things, and a big part of exploring and understanding freedom, is learning how to respond to common questions in the best possible way.

Free software

As an example, I have in the past, when speaking to my friends about these issues, jokingly asked ‘Why do you hate freedom?’, and on a few occasions, I probably meant it. I realised the danger of this when I began to see other people using it as well, often with a much more serious intent.
Often, when people criticise, they do it because ultimately, they want to see you succeed. They don’t think you’re useless, or that you’re being an idiot, even if that’s how it comes across, or even if they say that.

Thanks for the feedback

Recently, someone said they were disappointed with me, over the way I’d handled something. It wasn’t that they were disappointed particularly with what had happened, but rather that I hadn’t done enough to prevent it in the first place.

How can I help?

Remember too, most people giving you feedback or criticism would be glad to help if you asked. Leaving it too late, and then being scolded for making a mess is a much worse situation to be in, that simply asking for some assistance.
Seeking help from those around us, whether our colleagues, our friends, or the wider community is part of how we all explore and learn. We shouldn’t be afraid to embrace that wholeheartedly.
This post brings back a familiar face to a few of you. Does the inclusion of Attitude Cat make this post a little easier to read? Do the illustrations help? I welcome your feedback.
I’ve posted SVG source for the comic strips, too.

2 thoughts on “With humility…

  1. adrian

    i liked a lot the article and yes, the attitude cat really makes it more attractive, thank you!

  2. Paul W. Frields

    AttitudeCat is excellent. You should do one of these with every post with an example of how to be a better human being to your fellow human beings. 🙂

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