Microsoft Watch

January 11th, 2003

I see Microsoft are releasing a watch that can track where you are in the world… you’d think if you really didn’t know, you’d just ask the lady in the post office, that’s what i always do, works perfectly well for me.

Safari is out

January 10th, 2003

safari is out. it’s Apple’s new web browser, and over the coming days and weeks, I will be posting my diary using and about this new technology.

iCal FTP

October 15th, 2002

iCal FTP
Use iCal without .Mac

Matt Vs Proprietary Formats

October 1st, 2002

Well, the no-Word-documents-thing was going really really well, but apparently change is too much for some people, so we’re going back to having Word outputted RTF documents (complete with their 5Mb filesizes) and embedded images.
So, I lost that battle… also, the CMS I wasn’t allowed to do is now being done by the external company, and they wanted to have a look at some of our GPL’d code for the forum, probably to pinch something from it, so a little glimmer of hope that I can point that out at some point… not that it’d matter, in fact I’m starting to notice that people take less and less notice of me…
Realised that for some reason, new directories have no permissions to do ANYTHING useful on the webserver, the webserver I still don’t have any access to…

Office XP or

September 26th, 2002

Office XP – More bloat per dollar. Having far too many problems with converting Word XP documents (urgh!) to Rich Text Format (which is meant to be a standard!)
Downloading, which if useful I will get them to install on all our machines, as I believe it will deal with the whole standards thing a little better.


September 18th, 2002

Trying to get IT to okay the use of VNC or in this case TightVNC – an Enchanced VNC distro.
Performance has increased about 8 fold when testing it, which means that people might not crack up when using it from remote offices.


September 16th, 2002

NHS Information Authority – e-GIF: Help Using this Website – CompuServe users will probably find it quicker to download the software from the Adobe Forum (GO ADOBE)
CompuServe users?! Rock on!

Apple Newton Webserver

September 13th, 2002

Found this webserver running on an Apple Newton – This server runs on 4 AA batteries, in only 10K of heap on a 162MHz StrongARM SA-110 RISC processor, using NewtonOS Personal Data Sharing software (nHTTPd v2.043). This Apple Newton MessagePad 2100 is a multi-tasking, object oriented PDA with 4Mb of RAM and a 16Mb Flash storage card, connected via a Farallon PN895 Ethernet card.

MySQL for Windows

September 12th, 2002

MySQL for Windows and ODBC. MySQL ODBC Drivers MySQL ODBC Drivers
MySQL ODBC drivers allow you to connect to MySQL running on your Virtual Private Server from your PC and import/export databases.
$plan: This could be very handy. For the uninformed, mySQL is basically SQL-Server, minus a little of the speed but it’s free. Totally free. Let that sink in for a sec…

The Evolution of Darwin

September 13th, 2002

The Evolution of Darwin

At the heart of Mac OS X one finds Darwin, an open source core that integrates a diverse collection of powerful technologies in a robust, flexible architecture. Darwin is like Linux with a day job: By day, it stays discreetly in the background, running Mac OS X. By night, Darwin shows its open source roots: hackable, extensible, and the product of the same community, culture, and traditions that created Apache, sendmail, GNU/Linux, Mozilla, and UNIX itself.

Users are happy, but engineers also get to have their fun.

That’s what it’s all about really, isn’t it?